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Wayfinder is an act of gathering and discovery. It is the story of a musician-explorer who has journeyed the world and now has come home to empty his pockets and share his treasures. 

Contemporary Polynesians refer to Wayfinders as the ‘astronauts of our ancestors’. These navigators found their way by watching celestial bodies, listening to winds, feeling the swell of waves slapping on the hull of the canoe. They tried to be like birds, because birds always have a relation with the edges of the horizon. 

Musical traveller Mohamed Assani takes his sitar in a completely new and unexpected direction— bringing together unforeseen musical worlds in an original album that relentlessly pushes at the frontiers of cultural and musical hybridity. Using a refreshing, contemporary sound palette, Wayfinder incorporates a range of stylistic influences, including Indian/Pakistani Classical, Middle Eastern music, jazz, funk, Western harmony, ambient & electronic music and more. Both acoustic and electronic, it features sitar, tabla, mridangam, kanjira, mbira, voice and electronic sounds. It has been produced by Emmy and Juno-nominated music producer, Adham Shaikh.

This album of original music was created over many nights, between midnight and 5am, in the middle of the rainforest in the Kootenay Mountains of B.C., Canada. There were bears and cougars and other wildlife always close by and that wild atmosphere is captured in the music.

“This music is nothing short of bewitching. It surprises, delights and leaves the listener lifted, overwhelmed yet strangely calm. Not only can I understand how people are bewitched by this music, I might be myself.”

Jazz Views 

“Assani successfully combines the melodic sophistication of the Hindustani tradition with a more contemporary vibe. This is not easy to pull off, but the thoughtful approach taken by Assani gives the tracks a coherence that is sometimes lacking in other attempts.”

Songlines Magazine

“The way Mohamed Assani has manipulated, caressed and amalgamated so many different styles under the watchful rule of his sitar playing is nothing short of mesmeric. A unique and surprising record that will take you places you’ve never been before.”

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Spirit of Tradition

Spirit of Tradition is a joy from start to finish.The highlight, however, is Assani’s two-part rendition of “Raag Darbari” […] It’s gorgeously lonely—and, remarkably, the mood gets even darker once the tempo builds. Coursing over Shahbaz Hussain’s assured tabla-playing, Assani sounds like he’s doing battle against sinister forces, drawing on every resource he has to pull through against shattering odds. His playing is fierce, resolute, and gripping, a hero’s journey condensed into 14 minutes and 42 seconds’ worth of unceasing invention. There’s no denying that this is extraordinary music.”

The Georgia Straight 

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